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The Upper Tribunal

The Upper Tribunal

When the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SEN Tribunal/ SENDIST) makes a decision following a Hearing, either Party (Parent/ young person or Local Authority (LA)) has the right to appeal that decision to what is called the Upper Tribunal.

We have provided a number of FAQs on the Upper Tribunal, however generally speaking an Upper Tribunal appeal involves a discussion on whether the SEN Tribunal has applied and followed the law correctly. It can involve a highly technical analysis of case law and legislation.

Similar to the SEN Tribunal, parents/ young people can represent themselves at the Upper Tribunal. SEN Action can however offer this service for you at a highly competitive cost.

SEN Action’s Specialist Advocate has extensive experience in handling Upper Tribunal cases and he will support you throughout the process from start to finish (See our Advocate’s profile here).

Direct contact

Direct contact details of your Advocate (Phone and E-mail)

Extended hours

Extended hours of service to accommodate your schedule

24 Hour call back service

(If we miss your call we aim to call you back within 24 hours)

Full case management of the appeal.

Whatever needs to be done on your appeal, we can do it.

Specialist Advocate

Representation at the Upper Tribunal by our Specialist Advocate
What needs to be done on your Upper Tribunal appeal will depend on whether you are the one appealing or whether that is the local authority (LA). It also depends on the decision of the SEN Tribunal and what the areas of challenge are.

In terms of cost please see our cost page for more details.
If you would like to instruct SEN Action on your appeal or would like to discuss it further then please contact us either by telephone or e-mail:


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