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SEN Action is dedicated to providing a comprehensive service to parents with children with special educational needs (SEN) and young people with SEN. This doesn’t mean however that it must always come with a fee. At SEN Action we believe that it is important that parents and young people have access to specialist advice whatever their means.

We therefore offer a number of core services for free. Please see below.


SEN Action understands how difficult it can be at times to get accessible specialist guidance without it costing you. There is a lot of general advice available, however every child is different and you may require guidance on the particular circumstances of your issue.

SEN Action therefore, offers a genuinely free consultation service with Sean, our Specialist SEN Advocate. You will be able to discuss your situation with Sean and he will give you advice and guidance specifically related to your circumstances.

What do you need to do:

Simply provide some personal details on our online form by clicking on the Book your Free Consultation link on the right.
We will then contact you to book a time for your free consultation.
We offer extended hours of service so we are confident that you will be able to discuss your situation with us without any undue delay.
You are of course also welcome to call the SEN Action office or e-mail us.
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When you have a child with special educational needs or are a young person with SEN, being able to chat with other parents or young people can provide great relief.

SEN Action’s Facebook Discussion Forum intends to provide you with this opportunity, however it will also include access to SEN Action’s Specialist Advocate who will be regularly online to join in the discussion.

It is not intended to be formal advice and does not constitute legal advice but is a way of sharing your concerns, ideas and experiences, whilst picking the brain of a highly experienced Specialist SEN Advocate in the process.

We hope to see you there
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SEN Action is dedicated to providing a fully comprehensive service to parents and young people. Access to relevant and up-to-date information is critically important. We have therefore, developed a comprehensive FAQs Page, which you can acces by clicking  here.

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