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The Complete Package

The Complete Package

SEN Action’s complete package means that your case will be handled by our highly experienced Specialist Advocate from start to finish (See our Advocate’s profile here).

As part of this service you will benefit from the following key service features:

Direct contact

Direct contact details of your Advocate (Phone and E-mail)

Extended hours

Extended hours of service to accommodate your schedule

24 Hour call back service

(If we miss your call we aim to call you back within 24 hours)

Full case management of the appeal

Whatever needs to be done on your appeal, we can do it.

Every appeal is different,

however our service includes the following as standard:

Initial case review and consultation

Drafting and lodging your appeal

Preparation and submission of your evidence

Dealing with all correspondence

with the Local Authority and the Tribunal

Full and on-going review of the evidence and documentation

Support in identifying and instructing relevant experts

Liaison and consultation with your instructed experts

Attending meetings

(in person or via telephone/ video conferencing)

Full and comprehensive consideration of the Tribunal papers

(in person or via telephone/ video conferencing)

Regular case updates

provided to you throughout the appeal process

Full representation at the Hearing

No need to instruct a barrister
Our complete package is offered at a capped fee of £5,500 plus VAT. You will pay no more than this for our service and may pay less if your appeal settles without the need for a hearing. (See our cost page for more details)
If you would like to instruct SEN Action on your appeal or would like to discuss it further then please contact us either by telephone or e-mail:


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