T Shoreman

The advice and support given by Sean is absolutely priceless, helping us to remain calm and informed at a time when everything was a constant battle against the system. Having first-hand experience of how LA’s work against parents, he is able to bring a fresh pair of eyes (and ears) to the situation and helped us to get a satisfactory result from our obstinate LA. Thoroughly recommended without any hesitation.

M Millan

Very helpful on the phone giving invaluable advice. Personable and empathetic with a clear handle on what needs to be done.

Rachel R

Sean represented us at my son’s tribunal to have the mainstream school removed from my sons EHCP. I contacted Sean at very late notice and sent him the bundle. Sean was very knowledgeable about our case and about the law and I felt very reassured to have Sean with us on the day and would recommend him to any family needing help.

Katie K

I had a phone consultation with Sean who said he would represent us but he felt our case was so strong we didn't need to spend money on representation. He gave us some pointers on what to do which we put into place and then the call came through from the local authority who decided to make a major u-turn and agreed to our wishes without us even having to put in our appeal or use mediators. Massive thank you Sean. Amazing service.


We had the honour of working with Sean for our son's tribunal. Thanks to Sean at SEN Action, our whole team of professionals were so well prepared that the Local Authority didn't know how to handle it and now our 'little man' is getting the support he needs. Sean was honest, fair, and is a good human being to boot. Without Sean and his advice, we wouldn't have won. Our advice is, If Sean advises you to do something: DO IT!

Holly C

We have been liaising with Sean from SEN Action for the last few months and what a relief it was to find him. He is beyond knowledgeable and equally as helpful. Nothing is too small or large a task. If you ever need someone for any SEN advice or help, I cannot recommend him enough. He has saved us so

much stress and worry that he is priceless!! Thank you Sean, words are not enough to describe how grateful we are!

Bushra Q

Sean was a Godsend. He supported and guided us through a tribunal after we had previously lost a tribunal and were shattered from the previous experience. We feel forever grateful for all his support and assistance and would recommend SEN Action highly to anyone wanting justice for their child.

Gillian M

I used Sean for 2 days of tribunals for both my girls and I would highly recommend him without reservation. He was brilliant in the run up to the tribunal, explained everything clearly and told me what to do every step of the way. I am 100% certain that we would not have won at the tribunals without Sean. Now the girls are both in schools they love and have teachers who listen to them and help them. Sean's support has transformed our lives - I am forever in his debt.

Sheila R

My husband and I had a lengthy chat over the phone about our case and we just loved how honest and open Sean was with us. At a time where we were struggling and feeling down, he cheered us up, gave us hope and made us chuckle. I would not think twice about hiring Sean in the future.

Sean is so friendly and we felt reassured by his words, he simply understood everything we were saying to him without us having to go into huge amounts of detail. As a result, we were able to agree on all amendments with the LA via the working document and our tribunal date was vacated. Result!

Sally Hartland

I would, without hesitation, recommend Sean to any parent/carer of a child with SEN. I cannot fault his service. His previous experience as a LA solicitor in SEN cases are invaluable as he knows how the LA works and is alive to tactics that they employ in cases against parents. He is a pleasure to work with, easy to talk to and is able to explain complex SEN law and procedure in a way which makes sense to parents.

Sean goes above and beyond in terms of responding to emails and phone calls (often out of hours) and checking and drafting documents to ensure a prompt and efficient service, especially as deadlines approach. He is there every step of the way for advice, and the advice he gives is absolutely sound.

I will be forever grateful to Sean for guiding us through this process and doing everything he could to help us achieve the outcome that our son deserves. Thank you, Sean, you are a star!