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Course Overview

The Parent SEN Advocacy Training Programme prepares parents to become trainee advocates to support themselves or others with the SEN process, including SEN Tribunal appeals. Each training session will be delivered by our Specialist SEN Advocate, Sean Bowers and will cover such things as:

Dealing with issues when the child/young person does not have an EHCP;

Applications to the LA (e.g. applying for an EHC Needs Assessment);

EHCPs & Enforceability;

Annual Reviews;

Initial case review and consultation

Formal complaints, the local government ombudsman and the initial stages of judicial review; and

Appealing to the SEN Tribunal, which includes providing training on the entirety of the process, from lodging the appeal to attending the hearing. There will also be a mock tribunal at the end of the course to help in this preparation.

The course is interactive and we encourage our attendees to participate by sharing their experiences, asking questions and offering their views on issues.
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Ongoing support:

The course will cover a lot of areas and will provide a great opportunity from the attendees to also learn from each other. It is important however, to ensure that there is on-going support when the course finishes so that you will be able to put the training into practice effectively. It is important to be able to consolidate and expand your understanding.

Therefore, you will be invited to join our PSA Facebook group for Parent SEN Advocates so that you can support each other using your various skills and experiences by answering questions or sharing your stories via posts or videos. We will also offer additional training top-up sessions via Facebook videos, lives and by responding to questions to support your ongoing learning. Other resources, such as template letters, will be made available to support your advocacy journey.

Assessment: This will be in the form of multiple-choice questions throughout the course and trainee advocates will have the opportunity to submit more than once where required.

Cost: For access to the course, learning materials, template letters and ongoing support via the new Parent Advocate Facebook group, the total cost is £300. This can be paid in one installment or spread over the duration of the course.

Course Duration: The course will run for 4 months and course starting dates are September, January and May.

Dates & Times: There will be approximately one session per week. These will take place in the evening lasting around 2 hours per session.

Sessions: All sessions will be delivered live via Microsoft Teams and will be recorded for those participants who are unable to attend any of the live sessions, to access later.

Contact: For all other course information, please contact Dr Danielle Bowers at: 

Certification: SEN Action are now members of the CPD certification service and so all our courses will be accredited and certified accordingly.
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